"Volga" GAZ–3110

General data

The Volga GAZ-3110 car is base model in family of the cars which are let out by JSC GAZ. Volga cars belong to middle class. The family of cars of production of JSC GAZ includes the following models: GAZ-3110 — the car with a body a sedan; GAZ-3102 — the car with a body a sedan; GAZ-310221 — the passenger-and-freight car with a body the versatile person; GAZ-310231 — the medical car with a body the versatile person. Cars are intended for operation on roads with an advanced covering in various climatic conditions at ambient temperature from–45 to +40 °C. All cars are equipped with an all-metal body of a bearing design. On cars establish petrol engines with system of injection of fuel or carburetor, four - or five-speed transmissions. A forward suspension bracket independent spring, back — on longitudinal springs. Brake system double-circuit with disk brakes on forward wheels and drum-type — on back. On all cars establish radial tubeless tires. On a steering column the anti-theft device which has been built in the switch (lock) of ignition is established. All cars are equipped with fog lights. In cars with a body the versatile person of a seat of average and back ranks are displayed for receiving the additional area for cargo transportation. Depending on a complete set on cars can be established: a steering with the hydraulic booster, forward seats with electroheating, a windscreen washer with electrowarmed jets, the proof-reader of light of head headlights, a faroomyvatel and a faroochistitel.